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The health promotion practice of nurses working in Saudi Arabia is unidentified. The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceived health promotion practice of staff nurses in Saudi Arabia. There was agreement that nurses had the necessary skills to promote health in general and had sufficient knowledge to promote health in the three specific areas explored: physical activity, smoking cessation and weight control. However, the findings also showed that the majority of participants wanted nurses to give priority to acute care over health promotion within the hospital setting and that patients dislike nurses asking about health-related behaviours when these are not directly relevant to their presenting health problems. Concerns were also raised about the language and cultural competency of a largely migrant nursing workforce to effectively communicate health promotion messages to patients. In view of the findings, policy-makers in Saudi Arabia need to consider providing appropriate training programmes for nurses to introduce the wider concept of their health promotion role. Health promotion protocols, strategies and standards to support nurses to more effectively implement health promotion with their routine practice are also required. It is suggested that, while reliance on a largely migrant workforce who do not speak Arabic continues, the potential benefits of a good quality interpretation service to improve nurse—patient communication should be considered.

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Date of publication: 23 January, Media reports said that the nurse may have contracted the virus while caring for a colleague from the Philippines who had tested positive. However, neither Riyadh nor Delhi have reported any cases of the virus in their respective countries.

The health promotion practice of nurses working in Saudi Arabia is ​ (22 October , date last accessed).

PMID: Ahmad E. Help Contact Us About us. Advanced Search. Checking for direct PDF access through Ovid. Abstract The aims of this study were to assess the palliative care knowledge among nurses in Saudi Arabia and to identify the demographic factors influencing such knowledge. A convenience sample of nurses working in 2 hospitals in Saudi Arabia was surveyed using the Palliative Care Quiz for Nursing in this cross-sectional study.

The mean score of the respondents in the Palliative Care Quiz for Nursing was 8. In terms of the theoretical categories of the scale, 9 of the 13 items in the category pain and symptom management were answered correctly by the majority of the respondents, whereas all the items in the psychosocial and spiritual care category were answered incorrectly by the majority of the respondents. Continuing education on palliative care should be implemented by hospital administrations, and palliative care education should target the weakness of the nurses, especially those revealed in the study, such as on the psychosocial and spiritual care, some aspects of pain and symptom management, and philosophy and principles of palliative care.

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I begin my shift on the renal ward. After taking report from the night nurses who are from Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Jordan, I grab a thermometer and head down the hallway and knock on the closed door of my patient’s room. Because there’s a sign on the door with a female image engraved on it, I expect to find a woman inside. As I enter, my patient rouses and quickly covers her face, either with the blanket on her bed or her veil. Her hair is already covered by a black scarf.

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Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record. Last updated: 20 May Choosing to become a nurse in Saudi Arabia and the lived experience of new graduates: a mixed methods study. Alboliteeh, Mohammed. Saudi Arabia has undergone rapid social and economic change in recent years. As one of the largest employers in the country, these changes have had a significant impact on the healthcare sector, in particular on the nursing workforce.

In the past, Saudi Arabia relied almost exclusively upon expatriate nurses to meet the healthcare needs of its growing population. This research is a mixed methods study. A quantitative study was undertaken to gain a description of the Saudi nursing workforce in Riyadh city; in particular their motivations, views of the profession and future plans. The initial aim of the quantitative study was to ascertain why high numbers of Saudi males were entering the nursing workforce in Saudi Arabia; however, female nurses were also surveyed in order to understand if there was a relationship between gender and motivations to undertake nursing, views of the profession and future plans.

In this component of the study, a self-administered survey was distributed to all Saudi nurses working as registered nurses in Ministry of Health MOH hospitals in Riyadh.


At least 2 year s of working experience At 2 s of working experience in the related field is required for this position. At least 2 year s of working experience i At least 2 year s of working experience in the related f

Issue Date: In the past, Saudi Arabia relied almost exclusively upon expatriate nurses to meet the healthcare needs of its growing population. However.

The hospital has a four-floor podium level accommodating the Emergency Department and state of the art Day Care, Diagnostic and Treatment Departments. Three Towers rise from the podium accommodates the in-patient single rooms. Competitive tax free monthly salary, accommodation, transportation, annual air ticket, end of service allowance and other benefits. If you are a qualified and experienced Adult ICU Staff Nurse and fulfil the above listed requirements for the role then please apply and a member of our Pulse International team will be in contact with you shortly.

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Purpose: To construct an insightful understanding of the acute care workplace experiences of female Saudi RNs and factors affecting retention. Methods: Snowball sampling was used to recruit 26 female acute care Saudi RNs who were interviewed about their workplace experiences. A constructivist grounded theory approach was used to code and categorize data to construct a shared understanding reflective of the experiences of participants and the researcher as both constructing the meanings given.

Results: Shared understandings of patients’ culture, religion, and language were assisting Saudi RNs to feel competent in making a unique contribution to patient care. Although participants reported negative impacts from some workplace policies, they were able to create their own identity and to find their own place by creating a career identity as Saudi-Muslim nurses.

I would please like to know of the opening date of OET exam booking for Riyadh (​Saudi Arabia) on June Reply. Prasadini says: March 6,

Such a person holding a passport with at least 6 months validity, should have entered the country legally and have an employment contract with an employer under whose responsibility he shall remain during the term of the contract. If no duration is specified, the duration of work permit will be deemed as the duration of the contract. After arrival in the Kingdom another medical test will be taken and during which if found unfit, the worker will be sent back to India at his cost.

The mandatory medical insurance provided by the employer is very basic and does not cover treatment of serious ailments. Since it is not possible to return to India before completion of the term of contract on any grounds, including health, it is very important that one should not proceed to Saudi Arabia unless he is medically fi t and free from serious ailments.

Those caught working on such visas are detained, fined and deported with ban on future entry into the Kingdom. Since this is not a regular employment visa, an emigrant worker should not accept it. A sample of Saudi Employment Visa sticker and English translation of general categories of profession are shown below for reference. Translation of names of general category professions:.

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To date, studies exploring Saudi RNs’ turnover have focused on In Saudi Arabia, religious occasions are very special times for all Saudi.

Most of the time, registered nurses RN work for hospitals or medical clinics. They may also work for other organizations, such as outpatient facilities, rehabilitation centers, or senior centers. Their main job is to promote wellness and health. Some employers require candidates to have prior experience as an RN. They must have a license from their state’s board of nursing. In ord. What am I worth? For You. Start Salary Survey. Salary Research. By Company. Salary Negotiation Guide.

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Health Sci J Nurses satisfaction has been linked to and impacted on many issues in the health care system, such as the outcome of care, patient satisfaction and organizational commitment. Organizational commitment and job satisfaction are attitudes related to jobs that have received considerable attention from researchers worldwide. Nurse role considered as very important to provide health care for patient with respect the improving the quality of care in health institutions.

This study aimed: To assess the relationship between nurse’s job satisfaction and organizational commitment in Saudi hospitals. Study design: A quantitative descriptive correlational survey of registered nurses RNs in Riyadh region. Result: The study shows the correlations between nurse’s job satisfaction and each dimension of organizational commitment were examined using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient. Nurses, as the main and large group of health care providers [ 1 – 4 ] their job performance is affected by job satisfaction and organizational commitment, engaged and satisfied nurses usually perform highly and contribute to organizational efficiency and success [ 1 – 3 ].

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